How do you present the uniqueness and value of your product/ service offer to the world, in a way that matches YOU? And how do you turn it from just a passion to a serious, profitable business?

We help entrepreneurs like you to build your business plan, develop a powerful brand, a message, and a strong marketing plan, so you can start connecting to your customers and maximizing your sales, asap. 

On top of that, we do all of this with 2 things: 1) Heart. 2) Practicality. We know that for you, your businesses is your baby and passion, and you are also doing a lot of things together. So we focus on the core essentials, with a proven step-by-step plan, giving you all the tools you need. So your entrepreneurship journey can be a little bit easier.

our services

the powerpreneur program

Convert your startup idea into a business, in 3 clear steps. With business planning, branding, and marketing.

the webpower program

Develop your small business website with copy and design, and also develop your social media strategy.

the contract programs

Work with us on specific projects like marketing consulting, copywriting, content marketing, and workshops.

our clients

Is your brand truly unique?

Find out how to differentiate your business further.

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