Poulomi Basu

Founder, Brand & marketing consultant

Brands I have worked on:

I am an unwavering optimist obsessed with creating unique, powerful brands, I am also a writer, mentor, meditator, traveler, and scuba diver .​

​On one hand, I have worked in many different parts of the world in my corporate career of 15 years in business strategy, brand development, marketing, design, and communications, and have managed local, regional, and international brands, all of which gives me an all-rounded expertise in managing businesses.

​From India and the Middle East to Western Europe, Northern Europe, North Asia, South Asia, I have also worked in many countries, with people of very different cultures, and deeply understand the professional challenges of businesses and of managers in today’s corporate world. ​

On another side, 2 words describe me best: heart, & passion.

​​I lost my father when I was 21, have been broke 3X in my life, been made redundant 2X, survived a messy divorce, and am right now hustling in my business. But throughout my life, no matter what has happened, I have followed my heart, and I still have succeeded in achieving my goals.

​So I started my venture, IGNITE, to try to help other people achieve their success with their unique story, their ideas, and through it, thrive professionally, so they can live with happiness and purpose.

I help entrepreneurs who live and breathe their ideas every minute, to convert their dreams into reality. I help businesses to use the tools of branding and marketing to further enhance their success. And I also help managers in organizations live their professional lives to the fullest and achieve the success they want, by being their truest, so they can actually find fulfilment and happiness in their lives.

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​My passions: Brands, writing, people, ideas, relationships, scuba diving, mindfulness, personal & leadership development, stimulating conversations, learning about different cultures.​

Bosky Doshi

Design & communication consultant

Brands I have worked on:

I have a passion for all things bright, cheerful and happy. Am the quintessential optimist. And with this exuberance, I dived into the world of art and design, starting my career in India's leading advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather, as an Art Director, then moving on to work with other multinational agencies likes Enterprise Nexus, and Lowe Lintas, to name a few.

After a wonderful stint of 12 years as an advertising professional, and picking up excellent skills and experience in making a brand come to life with design, of being able to create communication that resonates with the brand’s character and personality, I started on my own as a design and communication consultant, partnering with IGNITE.

But it’s not just design that I am passionate about. What is key to me is a good understanding of human emotions and values, which I also pick up while involved in my 2nd big love – travelling, and also  connecting to people through these emotions.  

Design is all about the heart, senses, and intuition. My mission is to create work which can add value to the brand and thus eventually to the consumer experience, through the communication I create. 

My passions: Travelling, maximizing my spiritual awareness, meeting new people and learning their perspective, sports, having a quality lifestyle, brands and building brand awareness. Self-development in every area of mind, body and finance.

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